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Posted on: October 9, 2008 5:06 am

What the......Seahawks, Cougars and Huskies

       I guess I am going to have to start watching High School Football. The Seahawks, Cougars, and Huskies are not worth watching right now. There is still hope for the Hawks, but IMHO the Cougs and Dawgs are done.

       The hope of a magical send off into the sunset for Mike Holmgren is, for the moment, fading. In know they have been decimated by injuries on offense, but their defense has been atrocious. This D is a group that returned all of it's starters, and has for the most part been healthy. Did they even make the trip to NY last week, it was like the Giants were playing a scrimmage. I can only hope they will get better though. Holmgren will shake things up, and get them on track.

       As for the offense, we need to get our passing game reestablished. Our opponents have no fear of us going to the air so they just pin their ears back and attack the run. If we can get some balance, then we can put together some drives, and give our defense time to rest. We have won one time of possession battle this season, and it was against the Rams.

       There has been discussion on the Message Boards about making a run for Roy Williams. If we could trade for him I say pull the trigger. Give them Branch, and Josh Wison. But do not give away any picks. Move Jordan Babineaux opposite Marcus Trufant, and make Kelly Jennings the Nickel Back. Williams would be the big target the Matt Hasselbeck needs and is a legit deep threat. Then Bobby Engram can go back to what he does best, getting open underneath, and for the love of Mike get the TE involved.

       If the Seahawks do not win their next 3 games, they do not make the playoffs. Their schedule is brutal with Philly, NE, and the Redskins in Seattle,  at Miami and at Dallas on Turkey Day. I never would have thought that the Miami game was in question, but they are playing well this season with wins at the Patriots, and at home over the Chargers.

       WSU is in a "rebuilding mode". Paul Wulff was hamstrung from the very beginning. He does not have the personnel to run his system yet. In the long run this is going to be a success, but right now it is just flat painful to watch. There are going to be growing pains. He was not hired early enough to get the 4 and 5 star recruits and that is likely going to be the case this year also as kids are being recruited earlier and earlier nowadays. But he will do what he can with the JC's and second tier recruits he will be able to get until he has time to get some connections established. He is young, energetic and has a good mind for the game. These things are going to get kids to come to WSU.

       Their O-line is, to put it kindly, struggling. It is so bad that we lost one QB with a neck fracture and another a broken spine against Portland State. Can you imagine what the USC game is going to be like, there will have to be 5 ambulances on standby. Doba did not really leave anything to work with. We are having open try outs for practice squad positions, this how desperate the situation is in Pullman at the moment.

       I am not a UW fan, but I feel about them like I do the Raiders, the world is a better place when they are competitive. Then I do not feel like I am piling on by rooting against them. Willingham needs to go plain and simple. He has had ample time to get his type of guys, and he has failed to put a winning product on the field. I am frankly surprised that he has lasted this long. I know the Dawgs got jobbed against BYU, but that is the only game they were even in.

       Jake Locker is getting the crap kicked out of him, he is one of those special players that changes game plans when he is on the field, and I would hate to see his career cut short due to coaching ineptittude. I applaud him for trying to be everything for them, but he should not have to be. The Huskies should have players lined up waiting to play for them. The school has been dedicated to winning, and is willing to spend money on facilities. Locker should have his pick of targets, but does not. This is the fault of the current staff.

       Just terminate Willingham now, write this season off and build for next year. Give Mora Jr his chance to coach his Alma Mater, I believe he would do well at UW, but not for the Seahawks. You hear the term "Player's Coach" thrown around, that works at the college level not the pros. Look at Dennis Erickson, great college coach but failed twice in the NFL. Mora can bring winning football back to the UW.

At this point I do not even care who wins the Crapple Cup.

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