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Posted on: October 17, 2008 7:38 am
Edited on: October 17, 2008 9:21 am

A rare political rant from yours truly

I came across the most interesting blog entry this evening. It was both amusing, and very frightening with it's commentary. I read through all of the comments, and felt the need to comment on just one aspect as I did not want to monopolize her blog with my opinions. Here is my comment, and you can find her blog here http://smorgie-the-y.blogs.sportsli
. I hope she does not mind me doing this, as I feel it is socially relevant and a peek at what could happen.

My comment to it is as follows:   Government sponsored healthcare will drive all of the quality doctors away, because they did not go to college for 8 years, then do internship and residency to make 60-80k a year, when they can go elsewhere, and make more in a country with on open market. Not to mention, removing the potential for profit in an industry also removes the desire for innovation. We will no longer be at the forefront of medical technology. We will be getting it all from overseas and paying out dollars, instead of receiving them. I was in the military, and know what the healthcare system is like. I got 3 teeth knocked out playing in a softball game, and it took the better part of 2 years before I finally got permanent replacements, and that was only because I was outprocessing, and knew they had to. I loved my time in, and take pride in having served my country, but socialized medicine is a big no-no in my book.

Not to mention, I do not want 40% coming off of the top of my paycheck to pay for all of these "benefits". I went to school and worked hard to get where I am. I come from very modest means, and through hard work, and sacrifice have elevated myself. I did sit around and wait for someone to give opportunities. That is the problem these days, very few people are willing to sacrifice. They want thing given to them without having to work hard. I am getting on a rant so I will stop.

George W. Bush is not my favorite president, he has made some gaffes during his presidency. But, he should not be held solely responsible for the economic mess that we are currently in. The Dems went out of their way to block any attempt to reform or even hold Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac accountable. They (Fannie and Freddie) caused this by giving money to anyone that asked. People were buying 300k houses when they should have been buying 150k, and this was not only overlooked, but encouraged. There is enough irresponsibility to go around and now our children, and their children are going to have to pay for it. It does not stop at houses either, people were collecting credit cards like they were baseball cards, and maxing them all out, and using one to pay off another. Using borrowed money to pay for other borrowed money just sounds like a bad idea, and a recipe for disaster. It is not just corperate greed that got us where we are today, it is our own personal greed too. Rather than saving up for the big screen Hi-Def TV, theater system, X-Box, Wii, and new laptop, we have to buy it all at once using tomorrow/next month/next year's paycheck. So please do not sit back and blame the corperations, take a good hard look at consumer greed also, and Bush had nothing to do with that.

I am not going to even pretend to be a financial expert, but I do know this, when my wife and I bought our house, we did our research and knew what we could afford. We saw the potential peril of an interest only sub-prime loan, and let our lender know right off the bat it was not on option.  We sacrificed some comforts to save for a down payment then looked high and low to find a house that had the things we were looking for AND was within our spending limit. We did this to the point that our realtor got so frustrated after we declined one house because of it's proximity to power lines she threw her hands in the air, asked "Are you serious??" and left. My point is this, the responsibilty fell on us, we educated ourselves. We would not simply accept what we were going to be told.

The government has no place in banking industry, they are poor stewards of the money we give them now, and now they are going to take a controlling stake in my personal finances. This is not acceptable, we need to take control of our government back. Everyone knows the joke about the gov't paying 1000 dollars for a screwdriver or a toilet lid, but in a sense it is true. We just give money away in the form of government grants in the name of "research". I cannot tell you how many times I have read about how a study was done on the mating habits of Grub Worms, or that men and women are different, or the effect pure oxygen has on blueberry banana bread. I read these articles and wonder how many millions are spent on these and others like them. I am not naive enough to think there are not legitimate studies that need to be done, but we should not just give it to all comers.

For too long now Gov't has gone from being "for the people, by the people" to "away from the people, for ourselves" and we have let it happen. Apathy towards voting, or voting without knowledge is irresponsible. News flash; politicians will lie to you to get your vote. It falls on you to look into their record. I hate to sound like a broken record, but it is our responsibility. We need to stand up and remind them that they work for us, and if they forget it they can and will be replaced. We are getting perilously close to being a socialist state, and I do not want nor do I need the government to take care of me.

It has become too enticing to be a politician. There are too many perks and benefits. We should take them away. First and foremost, they should have to live in apartments while in DC. They should not be permitted or encouraged to make a permenant residence there. They reside in the state (for Senators), district (for Congressmen) in which they live. When we allow them to buy a home in DC, they now theoretically have a vested interest in that area. That could detract them from seeing the impact of certain legislations on their area of responsibility. It also encourages special interest to offer illigitimate funds or payment in exchange for votes. The sweet retirement deal that they have needs to be either scaled back and or eliminated completely. We have to pay into our own retirement accounts every month, so should they. Payments, trips, and all other perks from lobbyists and special interest should be banned. If they are offered and taken the guilty Rep or Sen should be removed from office, and the payor banned from political interest. Since they are going to and from DC on our behalf then they should be given free air travel to and from. The congressional session should last one week to ten days a month, this time would be spent in the Capitol Building a minimum of 8 hours a day discussing and voting on legislation. The rest of the month they are required to spend in their area of representation giving us a passdown of what occurred and how it impacts us and getting our input on what we the people want.

In closing, we cannot give our responsibility away and it is happening right before our very eyes. I know that I am all over the place, but I am passionately frustrated.

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