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The Audacity of Hypocrisy

I know that this is going to be the talk of the Blogosphere today, but I just cannot believe my eyes. Immediately after the king's gaffe on Leno the spin began. As per the Norm, the only news outlet to give it even more than a cursory glance is of course Foxnews. Everyone else has it buried as an afterthought. I also know that I am not alone in wondering just how the outrage would be palpable if this were even hinted at by President Bush. Is it just me or does the spin not make any sense at all. The quote that he was not disparaging the Special Olympics, but rather he was making fun of his bowling ability. Well, you know what, my dog looks like Michelle Obama. Now that does not mean that Michelle Obama is ugly, just that my dog is not attractive.

Then you look at the comment portion after the one paragraph "story" and the comment are mostly about giving him a break, and that they are not offended at all. When will the love affair end? Of course when there is a negative comment it is vehemently attacked as being written by a Bush loving hate monger.

I just needed to purge.

Where did they hide the teleprompter anyway??


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Posted on: February 3, 2009 6:46 am

I fear change, it gives me pains in my chest.

Change huh? This guy is turning out to be an even bigger hypocrite than I possibly imagined, or not. No lobbyists in your administration you say, yet two of your nominees (so far) are former lobbyists. Ethics standards above reproach, yet 2 of your nominees (so far) have tax issues, including the new head of the IRS. I know that if I went from 2005-07 without filing and owed more than $100K the nice guys at the IRS would be banging down my door. Not to mention the appointment of Hillary to any position alone violates any ethical standards. I guess the choice of Joe "I plagerized what" Biden for veep wasn't a hint of what the future held.
Now we are going to have a $1.12 trillion, after interest, stimulus package rammed down our throats that is nothing more than a pork-filled spending bill that is not going to stimulate a thing except the continued failure of the US Dollar. Where is the money coming from and how many jobs is it going to create? There are no provisions in it for alleviation of corporate taxation. That is what will create jobs and stimulate the economy. Not funding for studies about STD's. That is well intentioned but it does not belong in a stimulus bill.
But on the bright side we have intillectual giants like Ashton Kutcher, P. Diddy or whatever his name is this week, Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie,  and all of the rest of the Hollywood crowd promising their undying love, support and allegiance to our country. Hope, Change, Transparency, Ethics, Trust. They are all just words unless you actually do something to back them up, and I have yet to see anything that even makes me remotely believe it is going to happen. If they would all just make their next movie or 2 for free that would help stimulate the economy. But there is no way in hades that is going to happen. As big a hypocrite as BHO is these guys are even worse.
And I am suppose to believe that releasing almost 300 terrorists and Al Qaida operatives is going to make us safer. I just cannot get my head around that one. I personally think it makes us look like a bunch of pansies. Heck let's just bring them into the country and put them on Social Security. Give them a free education that way they can major in chemistry or biology and really do it up right.
Free healthcare, you want it? Well guess what it is already here in a sense. If you live in proximity to a non-profit health care institution then you are going to get your bill written off, or a large som taken care of through charity. When you come to our hospital we cannot even ask you about your ability to pay or insurance until after treatment. Then all options are given to you. We write off more than $20 million each year in unpaid services.
The only true change we are going to see is the hilt of the knife sticking out of our chest rather that our back.

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Posted on: December 24, 2008 7:36 am

2009 Super Bowl, brough to you by ?????

Fed Ex today announced that due to the "recession" they are not going to advertise in the upcoming Super Bowl. This got me to thinking, I know that is dangerous, outside of beer and chip companies who is going to pay the outrageous sum to run their ads this time.
American auto companies should probably think twice considering they have just run to congress with their collective hands out begging for money just to stay afloat. Banking and investment firms are in the same boat only worse because of the question over did they or didn't they pay exhorbitant bonuses or take expensive junkets with the federal funds.
This leaves the likes of beer and chip makers which never made much sense to me because if you are at a Super Bowl Party then you already have those things and are unlikely to rush out and buy them. Not to mention that I am about sick of the Budweiser clydesdales. had the memorable commercials a couple of years ago, but have since started to take themselves too seriously.
To be quite honest, the quality of SB commercial has fallen off quite a bit over the last few years anyway. I cannot think of a single memorable one from last year. I do remember one with some guy playing an acoustic guitar and singing that was some contest winner, but can't tell you who it was for and what they were pimping. Is this what focus groups and PC thinking gets you?
Or is this a ploy to try to get the network to lower the price of advertisement during the game. Methinks this to be the more likely scenario. If there are few takers for the prime money slots then the game is going to be flooded with promos for the next big network flop or your local news and weather update both of which are really not interesting to watch.
Who do you think is going to advertise and why??
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Posted on: October 31, 2008 4:31 am
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When did the news stop being the news.

It seems to me that the news is more about entertainment and less about information these days. CNN, PMSNBC, FOXnews, and CNBC's news programs these days are hardly that. At best they can be called editorial programs. They all have the split screen with people on opposite sides of any issue talking over each other, name-calling, making disgusted faces, and never really listening to one another and actually having an adult discussion. These things along with the ticker at the bottom of the screen, the fancy graphics, and the "Breaking News Alert" that merely captions the point that someone on screen just said make it unbearable to watch, and actually give me anxiety at times. Even if it is on in the background it raises the tension.

Some wonder why we are such a nation divided. An argument could be made that these things are a large contributing factor. In some ways we are all still like children in the respect that we mimic what we see. Right now that includes feigned outrage, and the need to name call rather than discuss. Not to mention, you cannot have a story just given to you without either the anchor or co-anchor giving their two cents. How refreshing would it be to have a news program that had just one person reading the stories, no editorials or group discussions? It's not exciting, but it give the viewer the opportunity to form their own opinion. It would take half the time and the facts could get out there. Then after that show is over, the yell-fest could begin again, and you could change the channel.

One more thing then I am done for the time being. It all blew up with one little line. "I may not be a real doctor, but I play one on TV" I know that celebrities have always been active in the political arena ie. Hanoi Jane, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan and others. But, these days it is out of hand. Do 18 year olds that have been raised in Hollywood with a golden spoon in their mouth really think they can speak for the blue-collar, middle class, middle American worker? More often than not, I could care less what they think. Just because you once had a roll as the president does not mean you really know what it takes or should tell me who to vote for. I wish they would just stick to acting, and leave the politics alone. The occasional PSA is OK, but I cannot recall a single time I went to the polls and thought "I wonder who Elmo is going to vote for".

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Posted on: October 17, 2008 7:38 am
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A rare political rant from yours truly

I came across the most interesting blog entry this evening. It was both amusing, and very frightening with it's commentary. I read through all of the comments, and felt the need to comment on just one aspect as I did not want to monopolize her blog with my opinions. Here is my comment, and you can find her blog here http://smorgie-the-y.blogs.sportsli
. I hope she does not mind me doing this, as I feel it is socially relevant and a peek at what could happen.

My comment to it is as follows:   Government sponsored healthcare will drive all of the quality doctors away, because they did not go to college for 8 years, then do internship and residency to make 60-80k a year, when they can go elsewhere, and make more in a country with on open market. Not to mention, removing the potential for profit in an industry also removes the desire for innovation. We will no longer be at the forefront of medical technology. We will be getting it all from overseas and paying out dollars, instead of receiving them. I was in the military, and know what the healthcare system is like. I got 3 teeth knocked out playing in a softball game, and it took the better part of 2 years before I finally got permanent replacements, and that was only because I was outprocessing, and knew they had to. I loved my time in, and take pride in having served my country, but socialized medicine is a big no-no in my book.

Not to mention, I do not want 40% coming off of the top of my paycheck to pay for all of these "benefits". I went to school and worked hard to get where I am. I come from very modest means, and through hard work, and sacrifice have elevated myself. I did sit around and wait for someone to give opportunities. That is the problem these days, very few people are willing to sacrifice. They want thing given to them without having to work hard. I am getting on a rant so I will stop.

George W. Bush is not my favorite president, he has made some gaffes during his presidency. But, he should not be held solely responsible for the economic mess that we are currently in. The Dems went out of their way to block any attempt to reform or even hold Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac accountable. They (Fannie and Freddie) caused this by giving money to anyone that asked. People were buying 300k houses when they should have been buying 150k, and this was not only overlooked, but encouraged. There is enough irresponsibility to go around and now our children, and their children are going to have to pay for it. It does not stop at houses either, people were collecting credit cards like they were baseball cards, and maxing them all out, and using one to pay off another. Using borrowed money to pay for other borrowed money just sounds like a bad idea, and a recipe for disaster. It is not just corperate greed that got us where we are today, it is our own personal greed too. Rather than saving up for the big screen Hi-Def TV, theater system, X-Box, Wii, and new laptop, we have to buy it all at once using tomorrow/next month/next year's paycheck. So please do not sit back and blame the corperations, take a good hard look at consumer greed also, and Bush had nothing to do with that.

I am not going to even pretend to be a financial expert, but I do know this, when my wife and I bought our house, we did our research and knew what we could afford. We saw the potential peril of an interest only sub-prime loan, and let our lender know right off the bat it was not on option.  We sacrificed some comforts to save for a down payment then looked high and low to find a house that had the things we were looking for AND was within our spending limit. We did this to the point that our realtor got so frustrated after we declined one house because of it's proximity to power lines she threw her hands in the air, asked "Are you serious??" and left. My point is this, the responsibilty fell on us, we educated ourselves. We would not simply accept what we were going to be told.

The government has no place in banking industry, they are poor stewards of the money we give them now, and now they are going to take a controlling stake in my personal finances. This is not acceptable, we need to take control of our government back. Everyone knows the joke about the gov't paying 1000 dollars for a screwdriver or a toilet lid, but in a sense it is true. We just give money away in the form of government grants in the name of "research". I cannot tell you how many times I have read about how a study was done on the mating habits of Grub Worms, or that men and women are different, or the effect pure oxygen has on blueberry banana bread. I read these articles and wonder how many millions are spent on these and others like them. I am not naive enough to think there are not legitimate studies that need to be done, but we should not just give it to all comers.

For too long now Gov't has gone from being "for the people, by the people" to "away from the people, for ourselves" and we have let it happen. Apathy towards voting, or voting without knowledge is irresponsible. News flash; politicians will lie to you to get your vote. It falls on you to look into their record. I hate to sound like a broken record, but it is our responsibility. We need to stand up and remind them that they work for us, and if they forget it they can and will be replaced. We are getting perilously close to being a socialist state, and I do not want nor do I need the government to take care of me.

It has become too enticing to be a politician. There are too many perks and benefits. We should take them away. First and foremost, they should have to live in apartments while in DC. They should not be permitted or encouraged to make a permenant residence there. They reside in the state (for Senators), district (for Congressmen) in which they live. When we allow them to buy a home in DC, they now theoretically have a vested interest in that area. That could detract them from seeing the impact of certain legislations on their area of responsibility. It also encourages special interest to offer illigitimate funds or payment in exchange for votes. The sweet retirement deal that they have needs to be either scaled back and or eliminated completely. We have to pay into our own retirement accounts every month, so should they. Payments, trips, and all other perks from lobbyists and special interest should be banned. If they are offered and taken the guilty Rep or Sen should be removed from office, and the payor banned from political interest. Since they are going to and from DC on our behalf then they should be given free air travel to and from. The congressional session should last one week to ten days a month, this time would be spent in the Capitol Building a minimum of 8 hours a day discussing and voting on legislation. The rest of the month they are required to spend in their area of representation giving us a passdown of what occurred and how it impacts us and getting our input on what we the people want.

In closing, we cannot give our responsibility away and it is happening right before our very eyes. I know that I am all over the place, but I am passionately frustrated.

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What the......Seahawks, Cougars and Huskies

       I guess I am going to have to start watching High School Football. The Seahawks, Cougars, and Huskies are not worth watching right now. There is still hope for the Hawks, but IMHO the Cougs and Dawgs are done.

       The hope of a magical send off into the sunset for Mike Holmgren is, for the moment, fading. In know they have been decimated by injuries on offense, but their defense has been atrocious. This D is a group that returned all of it's starters, and has for the most part been healthy. Did they even make the trip to NY last week, it was like the Giants were playing a scrimmage. I can only hope they will get better though. Holmgren will shake things up, and get them on track.

       As for the offense, we need to get our passing game reestablished. Our opponents have no fear of us going to the air so they just pin their ears back and attack the run. If we can get some balance, then we can put together some drives, and give our defense time to rest. We have won one time of possession battle this season, and it was against the Rams.

       There has been discussion on the Message Boards about making a run for Roy Williams. If we could trade for him I say pull the trigger. Give them Branch, and Josh Wison. But do not give away any picks. Move Jordan Babineaux opposite Marcus Trufant, and make Kelly Jennings the Nickel Back. Williams would be the big target the Matt Hasselbeck needs and is a legit deep threat. Then Bobby Engram can go back to what he does best, getting open underneath, and for the love of Mike get the TE involved.

       If the Seahawks do not win their next 3 games, they do not make the playoffs. Their schedule is brutal with Philly, NE, and the Redskins in Seattle,  at Miami and at Dallas on Turkey Day. I never would have thought that the Miami game was in question, but they are playing well this season with wins at the Patriots, and at home over the Chargers.

       WSU is in a "rebuilding mode". Paul Wulff was hamstrung from the very beginning. He does not have the personnel to run his system yet. In the long run this is going to be a success, but right now it is just flat painful to watch. There are going to be growing pains. He was not hired early enough to get the 4 and 5 star recruits and that is likely going to be the case this year also as kids are being recruited earlier and earlier nowadays. But he will do what he can with the JC's and second tier recruits he will be able to get until he has time to get some connections established. He is young, energetic and has a good mind for the game. These things are going to get kids to come to WSU.

       Their O-line is, to put it kindly, struggling. It is so bad that we lost one QB with a neck fracture and another a broken spine against Portland State. Can you imagine what the USC game is going to be like, there will have to be 5 ambulances on standby. Doba did not really leave anything to work with. We are having open try outs for practice squad positions, this how desperate the situation is in Pullman at the moment.

       I am not a UW fan, but I feel about them like I do the Raiders, the world is a better place when they are competitive. Then I do not feel like I am piling on by rooting against them. Willingham needs to go plain and simple. He has had ample time to get his type of guys, and he has failed to put a winning product on the field. I am frankly surprised that he has lasted this long. I know the Dawgs got jobbed against BYU, but that is the only game they were even in.

       Jake Locker is getting the crap kicked out of him, he is one of those special players that changes game plans when he is on the field, and I would hate to see his career cut short due to coaching ineptittude. I applaud him for trying to be everything for them, but he should not have to be. The Huskies should have players lined up waiting to play for them. The school has been dedicated to winning, and is willing to spend money on facilities. Locker should have his pick of targets, but does not. This is the fault of the current staff.

       Just terminate Willingham now, write this season off and build for next year. Give Mora Jr his chance to coach his Alma Mater, I believe he would do well at UW, but not for the Seahawks. You hear the term "Player's Coach" thrown around, that works at the college level not the pros. Look at Dennis Erickson, great college coach but failed twice in the NFL. Mora can bring winning football back to the UW.

At this point I do not even care who wins the Crapple Cup.

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NFL rookies, Updating MLB, and Tiger Woods


The NFL needs a slotted salary system for rookies a la the NBA. MLB needs instant replay, and Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer ever.<o:p></o:p>

The NFL recently voided the final years of their CBA with the NFLPA. This has some potential negative ramifications if they are not able to get a new deal in place. There is the possibility of either a lock-out or a player strike, which I hardly think will happen given both sides knowing the ramifications of something like that. It took MLB almost 5 years to recover, and I would hope that both sides took note of that. That bieng said, the most important thing that the owners need is a slotted system for rookie contracts. It would potentially solve a couple of problems both on and off the field. First, we would not have the long rookie hold outs for a bigger deal. It is unreasonable for a 21 or 22-year-old kid to hold out for a 25 million dollar signing bonus when he has not played a single down of Professional football.<o:p></o:p>

            These contracts should be either 2 or 3-year deals; this gives them time and incentive to play hard on the field, and keep their nose clean off the field. I say the latter with confidence. The majority of the time it is the higher draft picks that are getting into trouble, while the lower picks are primarily concerned with making the team and playing for their next contract. Some of the head cases could be jettisoned earlier if the team is not on the hook for their ridiculous salary. <o:p></o:p>

A slotted system would also prevent a lower first round pick holding out because his agent has made him feel he is worth more and everyone else screwed up by not picking him sooner. If a player is picked with the 13<sup>th</sup> pick it is with good reason, and he should not expect top 5 money just because his mom, friends, agent or some pre-draft analysis had him rated as such. This would free up money for the more proven veteran players.<o:p></o:p>

            I would like to personally almost welcome MLB to the 21<sup>st</sup> century. After years of flatly rejecting that their umpires might be fallible, they are finally willing to possibly think about maybe having replay, sort of. Hey, it’s a good start. After a series of badly missed calls, primarily disputed Home Runs, they are looking at trying it this fall in their Arizona Fall League. <o:p></o:p>

I wish they would just make the call and do it now. There are going to be kinks to work out regardless of how or when they do it. The technology is and has been there for years. Now just go ahead and institute the basic rules and limitations, get a video feed down into the home dugout and run with it. Bud Selig is making it sound like trying to raise the Titanic to do in the Bigs this season. That seems ridiculous since numerous networks, including some that are team owned, already televise every game. These networks have multiple cameras positioned all over, so some sort of agreement should be easy to reach to tap into the necessary feeds. Plus I am looking forward to the ESPN highlights of Lou Piniella going nuclear on the video monitor after getting tossed for another botched call, or a player taking a bat to it.<o:p></o:p>

            Let me start this next segment off with the statement that Golf is indeed a sport. There has been much debate over this in the weeks leading up to and since the US Open. Naysayers are pointing to the non-contact and recreational aspect of the game. To them I say phooey, it meets my 4 criteria for professional sport. 1) Competition, 2) Tremendous Skill, 3) Entertainment Value, and 4) Money. <o:p></o:p>

Tiger Woods beat the best players in the world on one leg. He has a torn ACL and 2 micro-fractures in his tibia. One week before the Open he was told he needed to rest for at least 6 weeks total (3 total rest, and 3 on crutches). How did he respond, he walked a total of just over 21 miles, unleashing his violent swing over 200 times, not counting chips and putts, and still won the tournament. The amount of torque he puts on his left leg when he swings is frightening considering the further damage he could incur. <o:p></o:p>

Since being diagnosed with a torn ACL last August he has played in 13 tournaments winning 10 of them and finishing no worse than 5<sup>th</sup> in the other 3. Now he has to shut it down for the rest of the 2008 season. There were numerous times over the course of the Open that I asked myself why he doesn’t just ease up and take it easy, but he does not know how. He is so unbelievably competitive that to ease up is to give up. For that reason alone he is going to win more than anyone in the history of the PGA. We may never see the type of player he is again. The PGA is now officially on notice that a healthy Tiger is going to destroy all comers in 2009.<o:p></o:p>

            These are my senseless ramblings I hope you all enjoyed them, and encourage feedback, whether you feel I am right on, or waaaaaayyyy off base.<o:p></o:p>

             BTW Roger Clemens is a tool, just had to throw that in.

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Arlen Specter and more mindless rambling

            Arlen Specter has an agenda, and for him to pretend that he is looking out for the good of sports in general is absurd. He is standing on his soapbox demanding an investigation into spy-gate. Let’s look at the facts for a minute. Sports are an entertainment industry. Yes, the New England Patriots broke the rules. I have heard many other former coaches say they have done similar things. Why do you think coaches cover their mouths with something while speaking during the game? It’s not to cover their bad breath. Specter is the Republican senator from Pennsylvania, and whom did the Patriots beat to get to 2 of their Super Bowls? Anyone, anyone, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Also, who did they defeat in one of their Super Bowl appearances……the Philadelphia Eagles.

Roger Goodell punished the team and the coach for their “misinterpretation” of the rule in question. Mr. Goodell also asked if there were tapes of any other teams and Coach Hoody told him there were. So why were people surprised when this videographer came forward? Oh yeah that’s right, the non-existent Rams SB practice tape. All of the tapes that were turned over to the NFL contained exactly what Hoody said they would. This is why they are not being punished further, and why there need to be no more spy-gate news.

            Actually an argument can be made that good scouting and game planning would be more effective than stealing the defensive signals. Breaking down game film and knowing your opponent’s personnel strength vs. weaknesses are what this league is all about now. Defensive signals change from game to game, but tendencies and reactions in down and distance situations as well as substitutions remain consistent.

            Sen. Specter should maybe demand a deeper look into the NBA and the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal. This is for more detrimental to the good of sports, and far more significant than spy-gate. This has possible ramifications on the economy. This warrants a Mitchell Report type of investigation. Now I will admit that I don’t know much about this other than Mr. Donaghy was referee on the take and making calls to manipulate the point spread. This alone warrants an in depth investigation. I have a difficult time believing that he is the first and only one doing this sort of thing. The calls and non-calls alike in the NBA are mind-boggling. It sometimes seems so arbitrary. If ever a league needed an overhaul in officiating this is it.

            Now on to the MLB and my favorite guy Roger Clemens. Roger, when is enough enough? This guy has gone from baseball immortal to a punch line. Watching the House committee inquiry was painful, and I was disgusted with the way he was getting the kid glove treatment and hero worship from the Republicans. I myself being conservative was dumbfounded. You usually see that type of feel good nonsense from the other side of the aisle.

There were contradictions all over the place, first he says that he has never taken any illegal substance, and has never even heard of HGH. Yet he knew what it was when he saw it in his house and told McNamee to get it out. Then he says that McNamee deceived him into taking it. So have you or haven’t you taken HGH Roger? Because even if you were tricked into taking it, you have still done it. He should have just come out at the beginning of this whole thing and admitted he took the steroids, but instead the clown blames it on his wife. Then he wants her to stick by him while he trashes her name. Meanwhile it comes out that he is an adulterer and borderline pedophile. This girl was 16 when they met and went to his hotel room for the first time. That is too creepy for me.

If he would have just come clean at the beginning this would all be over. Look at Sir Charles, his gambling habit story comes out and that day he holds a press conference and says he was wrong and will fix it. Story over, the end. Now if that would have been Clemens he would have delayed for a couple of weeks and hired a consultant to formulate a story to blame his gambling debt on someone else.

Do you remember the World Series a few years back with the Mets v. Yankees. The broken bat throw is always going to stick out in my mind. He throws the broken barrel of the bat at Mike Piazza as he is headed for first base. When asked after the game why he did that his response was that he mistook the broken bat for the ball. First of all this guy is a pitcher and has been playing the game all of his life, he couldn’t tell the difference? Second, in the off chance he did honestly make that mistake, why didn’t he throw it to the first baseman. This wasn’t a kickball game, there are no slug outs in baseball. Just tell the truth and say you got caught up in the heat of the moment and screwed up.

I know I got way off of my original topic, but all these thoughts are going through my mind and I just need to purge them all out. But in closing, Sen. Specter let’s worry about more important things than spy gate. We have soaring gas prices that is leading to increased food prices due directly to an enormously flawed alternate fuel policy. You should actually be demanding an in depth investigation into ethanol gate, or any other number of other “gates” that pertain to real life, and not get the government involved in the entertainment industry. Remember, sports are just that, entertainment.

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