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The Audacity of Hypocrisy

Posted on: March 20, 2009 8:42 am

I know that this is going to be the talk of the Blogosphere today, but I just cannot believe my eyes. Immediately after the king's gaffe on Leno the spin began. As per the Norm, the only news outlet to give it even more than a cursory glance is of course Foxnews. Everyone else has it buried as an afterthought. I also know that I am not alone in wondering just how the outrage would be palpable if this were even hinted at by President Bush. Is it just me or does the spin not make any sense at all. The quote that he was not disparaging the Special Olympics, but rather he was making fun of his bowling ability. Well, you know what, my dog looks like Michelle Obama. Now that does not mean that Michelle Obama is ugly, just that my dog is not attractive.

Then you look at the comment portion after the one paragraph "story" and the comment are mostly about giving him a break, and that they are not offended at all. When will the love affair end? Of course when there is a negative comment it is vehemently attacked as being written by a Bush loving hate monger.

I just needed to purge.

Where did they hide the teleprompter anyway??


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